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I moved to SD for a new job and am currently getting settled. Furnishing the new place and generally kicking myself in the butt hard enough to get the process of being an ~independent adult~ started have since taken priority over being a lazy shit on the computer. I’ve been here a week and just got my mattress delivered today if that’s any indication as to how it’s coming along.

Useless babble and reblogs aplenty to begin again at some point.

Atla Meme - Seven Friendships/Ships

Toph & Sokka  [2/7]

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"He’s my best friend!"

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We won Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life. A zero sum. 

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Photos by Gerry Ellis from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a nursery and orphanage for elephants in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. Here, fifty five keepers are charged with being around the clock parents to an elephant. The elephants, however, are the ones who chose their caretakers; it is the keepers who must ingratiate themselves to the elephants and earn their trust.

When elephants first arrive at the orphanage they are often traumatized from having witnessed the slaughter of their mothers and family by poachers. Grieving can last several months, and they often lose the will to live. But as Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the orphanage, explains, a caretaker is charged with “persuading an elephant to live when it wants to die.”

Approximately 35,000 elephants are killed by humans every year. With an estimated 350,000 elephants left in the whole continent of Africa, they will be gone in the wild within ten years.

CBC’s The Nature of Things did a program on the elephants and their caretakers. You can foster an elephant with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust online here. For more on the emotional lives of elephants, as well as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and other human efforts to save them, check out these posts

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my dad kicked my brother out of the house for a week because of this stupid game

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"If you haven’t heard of the Bechdel Test, it’s a test of gender representation in the media. It has three criteria: a) there must be at least two women, who b) talk to each other, c) about something other than a man. Only half of all movies pass this test, most often because the female characters never talk to each other; they are defined by their relationships with men. By contrast, female characters and their relationships with each other are so central to the story of Orphan Black that [it] not only passes the Bechdel Test, but fails the reverse of the [it]." (x)

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public school dress code

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Select Your Heroes: TMNT by Christopher Lee / Tumblr / Store

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Dogs doing human things

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